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The Other Dr. Gilmer

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Based on the critically acclaimed book from Dr. Benjamin Gilmer (Penguin / Random House), The Other Dr. Gilmer is the story of a beloved small town physician, Dr. Vince Gilmer, who murders his father for mysterious reasons. Vince’s successor, coincidentally named Dr. Benjamin Gilmer, becomes obsessed with understanding what drove Vince to snap. A true crime investigation coupled with a medical mystery, and a social justice crusade, ultimately changes the course of both their lives. This film will take us on a harrowing journey that questions the boundaries of the self, the fallibility of the human brain, and the compassion we should have for each other.

Vince’s story persists – he has recently been granted clemency by the state of Virginia but is still in prison. Support Vince’s GoFundMe here.

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"...a great story that combines high drama and compelling characters, while illuminating the human plight."
Jennifer Fox, director, "The Other Dr. Gilmer"