Media Meets Marketing

Social Construct is dedicated to collaborating with creators who want to impact a wide global audience in a positive way. Our purpose is to curate a vast range of media projects, from award-winning films to television, with an emphasis on stories that change the world. Our transformative and nonconforming approach echoes our commitment to shaping up-and-coming voices and supporting established ones. Together, we can inform and entertain the minds of the future, one story at a time.

Creative Meets Process


Content Acquisitions

Evaluating potential projects in order to discover and acquire content that is unique, riveting and relevant, we consider both creative and business perspectives to determine appropriate avenues for investment and development.


Script Development

Calling upon our strong background in the art of storytelling, our innovative and unconventional approach to script and story development results in original content that attracts the industry’s top talent.



Utilizing our extensive network of industry contacts, we connect promising stories with award-winning filmmakers, on-screen talent, and other exceptional producers and production companies, and leverage this momentum to engage and cultivate strong financial and investor relationships.



Overseeing a wide range of production budgets, scheduling, logistics, business and legal workflow, casting, crew management, locations, and post-production.


Sales & Producer’s

Working closely with our filmmakers and clients to navigate the complex and ever-changing distribution landscape, we aggressively engage in pursuing all channels of distribution, including festivals, traditional theatrical, television, DVD/Blu-Ray sales, VOD/online/streaming, education, and non-traditional media markets.



As a highly diversified and versatile production company, Social Construct extends the benefits of our expertise and professional network, with consulting services offered to strong projects in various stages of the development, packaging, production, or sales process.

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